In Sliven was held an introductory training "Counteracting and preventing trafficking in human beings with a focus on local characteristics of the crime"

On May 31, 2021, an introductory training of the team of the Association "Doctors of the World" was held in Sliven. Sliven, on the topic "Counteracting and preventing trafficking in human beings with a focus on local characteristics of the crime".

The training took place online in the Microsoft Teams platform, with a lecturer Mrs. Kamelia Dimitrova, Executive Director of the Dignity Foundation, who introduced participants to the crime of "trafficking in human beings": types of exploitation, methods of involvement and mechanisms for controlling victims, as well as with the national framework and policies for preventing and combating trafficking in human beings.

The event was attended by Mr. Vladimir Drumev, Secretary of the LCCTHB – Sliven, who presented the current trends in crime related to trafficking in human beings at local level, as well as the activities of the Local Commission and the institutions engaged in countering the crime and protecting the victims. Real cases were discussed, which the Local Commission worked on and focused on the observed trends in trafficking in human beings for the purpose of sexual exploitation and trafficking of pregnant women in order to sell their newborns.

In the framework of the online training, four community mobilizees and one nurse from the team of "Doctors of the World" were trained, working on the ground in different parts of the square. "Nadezhda" in the town of Nadezhda Sliven.

The event was also attended by Mrs. Livia Othal, General Coordinator of the Mission of Doctors of the World - Bulgaria, Ms. Rositsa Kratunkova, Advocacy Coordinator, Mrs. Kalina Dimitrova, Logistics and Translation Coordinator, Mrs. Nora Faier, Medical Coordinator and Mr. Petar Malinov, Program Manager of the Association "Doctors of the World" - Sliven.