Training for pedagogical specialists from Burgas. "Risk factors in adolescents, creating a prerequisite for involvement in human trafficking".

On 21.04.2023, the Local Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings in Burgas held a training for pedagogical specialists from Burgas and the region on the topic "Risk factors in adolescents, creating a prerequisite for involvement in human trafficking".

The workshop focused on the preconditions for creating vulnerability in adolescents to human trafficking - dysfunctional family environment, personality factors, impaired communication with peers, emotional and behavioral problems. Indicators for identifying potential and actual victims of human trafficking were also reviewed. Practical approaches to psychosocial support and assistance for adolescents vulnerable to being trafficked or already trafficked and their families were provided. 

The lecturer of the training was Ms. Vesna Nencheva - a practical psychologist and trainer with many years of experience in working with adolescents and with specialists working in educational institutions. The training was attended by 24 pedagogical advisors and secretaries of the Local Commissions for Combating Juvenile Delinquency from Burgas and the region.

The participants gave a very high evaluation of the organization as well as the content and methods of the training. Interactive, dynamic and practically oriented, the seminar engaged attention and involved participants in discussions and group work.  Printed materials were provided for practical exercises and learning techniques for psychological support of adolescents and their families.

The training fully achieved its objectives of upgrading competencies, sensitizing and motivating education professionals to identify potential victims of human trafficking, applying effective methods of psychosocial support for victims of the crime of "human trafficking", and partnering effectively with the Local Anti-Trafficking Commission.