The Local Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings in Sliven held training for pedagogical specialists in Nova Zagora

On 07 June 2022. The Local Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings (LCCTHB), Sliven. The training of 20 pedagogical specialists was held at the Vocational High School of Agriculture (VHSA), Nova Zagora on "Counteracting and Preventing Human Trafficking and Risk Behaviour with a Focus on the Safe Use of Online Dating and Social Networking Applications".

Targeted audio-visual products were presented to focus on the misuse of internet and communication technologies, which are an essential part of the traffickers' business model and are present at every stage of the crime - from targeting and recruitment, through control and coercion to exploitation.

The training discussed the early sexualisation of children and sexualised behaviour on the internet, as well as sexting as one of the biggest threats to young people related to the exchange of photos or videos with sexual content.

In order to provide information on possible reporting of all forms of online child sexual abuse and violence, the websites www.safenet.bg and www.cybercrime.bg were presented.

During the discussion with educational professionals and the discussion of the challenges they face, the problem of early dropout of students from the education system due to early marriage was highlighted.