Specialized Training for Pedagogical Specialists was Held by the Local Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings, Burgas

On May 10, 2022 in the city of. A training session for pedagogical specialists from Burgas was held on 20 May 2022. "Use of interactive approaches and audiovisual products for prevention of human trafficking in the school environment". The event was organized in partnership with the training team of A21 Campaign Foundation. It was attended by 35 pedagogical advisors from Burgas and the region.

The presenters acquainted the audience with the factors leading to the risk of adolescents falling into human trafficking, such as dysfunctional family environment, violence, need for closeness and trust, dissatisfaction in the family, low self-esteem, poverty and social exclusion, etc. Attendees learned how to recognize the signs of victims of violence and human trafficking.

Audiovisual products were provided - films, videos created specifically for the prevention of human trafficking in youth. Trainees had the opportunity to create their own plan for an information session with their students using the videos provided and interactive approaches to adolescents.

The training responded to the need to maintain the motivation and competences of the pedagogical specialists in their work on prevention of trafficking in human beings at school, as well as to ensure their effective partnership with the Local Commission for Combating Human Trafficking in the city of Burgas.