The Local Commission for Combating Human Trafficking in Sliven Organizes a Focus Group Covering Persons with Special Needs

As a part of the implementation of the local "Programme for the Prevention and Counteraction of Trafficking in Human Beings and Protection of Victims for 2022", with the main strategic objective of expanding the scope of prevention activities aimed at at-risk and vulnerable persons, the Local Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings (LCCTHB), Sliven a focus group was organized in Sliven, involving 10 persons with special needs.

The initiative focuses on prevention of all forms of trafficking in human beings, with a focus on sexual and labour exploitation, given the current crime trends in Sliven Region. A series of targeted audio-visual products created by the educational platform Ucha.se and A21 Bulgaria Foundation and provided to the LCCTHB - Sliven were presented.

Methods of involvement in human trafficking were discussed, with a focus on the internet and the misuse of technology as a key part of the traffickers' business model at every stage of the crime - from targeting and recruitment, through control and coercion to exploitation.

The activity is organized in cooperation with the Initiative and Empathy Foundation, in the framework of building on the partnership initiatives of the LCCTHB - Sliven.