Volunteer Training in Burgas on "Youth against human trafficking", 31.10.-01.11.2021, Pomorie

The training is carried out as a part of the Project of the Association "Equilibrium", funded by the program of Burgas Municipality for support of NGOs from the city in partnership with the Local Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings, Burgas.

            The two-day training was held in line with a pre-designed program, which included basic knowledge about the crime of human trafficking, its forms, mechanisms of involvement and control over the victims, the profile of the victim and the trafficker. A special session was provided to develop skills to carry out crime prevention among peers. The aim of the training was to develop the sensitivity of the youth to the signs by which they can recognize actual and potential victims of trafficking, and to prepare them to be active volunteers in prevention campaigns against trafficking in school settings.


            The training was interactive, using exercises, games, case studies and group work. The young people's interest in the topic was provoked with videos on the subject, most of which were created by their peers from the city of Burgas. The presenters of the training - Rositsa Yaneva and Alexandra Prozetska created an atmosphere of open sharing and communication between the young people, provided a considerable amount of printed, presentation and video materials on the topic.

                        As a result of the training we can point out the improved skills of the young people to present basic information about the crime of human trafficking, to conduct information classes in the classes, to organize school prevention campaigns, as well as to be active volunteers to the Local Commission on Human Trafficking in the city of Burgas to participate in the annual information campaigns at municipal level.