Poly Genova supports the fight against the trafficking in human beings during her first big solo concert in Plovdiv

Photo: Facebook - Poli Genova

The first big solo concert of one of the most successful and beloved Bulgarian pop singers Poly Genova supported the campaign for prevention of trafficking in human beings of the LCCTHB in Plovdiv.

On the occasion of 30 July – the International Day for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings, before the launch of the innovative show-show at the Ancient Theatre of Plovdiv, volunteers from the Local Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings and Bulgarian Red Cross, Sofia, Bulgaria Plovdiv had the opportunity to provide information materials about human trafficking and to inform viewers about the hidden nature of the crime and the huge scale of the trade in human lives.

The famous Bulgarian pop star embraced the idea and stood behind the campaign, expressing his full support for the millions of victims of crime around the world. The initiative, carried out with the assistance of Mr. Plamen Panov, - Mayor "Culture, Archaeology and Tourism" of plovdiv municipality and "Old Plovdiv" Community Center is part of the activities implemented by the LCCTHB and Bulgarian Red Cross, Plovdiv. Plovdiv in the framework of the international campaign "Blind Betting".