Volunteers from Plovdiv took part in "National Career Days 2021"

Today, May 12, volunteers from the Local Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings and Bulgarian Red Cross, Plovdiv took part in another forum from the calendar of the 20th edition of "National Career Days 2021",which was held in the Plovdiv Fair, Congress Center, within the framework of the partnership between the National Commission against Trafficking in Human Beings and JobTiger in this year's campaign for prevention of trafficking in human beings for labour exploitation.

During the forum, employers met with their potential trainees and employees, and students and young professionals looking for opportunities for professional realization. As part of this initiative, the volunteers disseminated information materials on the topic and explained to the participants the risks posed by looking for work at home and abroad.

The Campaign for the Prevention of Trafficking in Human Beings for Labour Exploitation aims to raise awareness among the public and vulnerable groups on the mechanisms of involvement in trafficking in human beings for labour exploitation, as well as to draw attention to ways to prevent risky situations and ensure safe labour migration.

Very often companies or specific persons, especially in smaller settlements, look for workers and promise amazing conditions for seasonal or temporary work. They often manage to convince them that there are no risks, but in human trafficking, employers' preliminary promises are drastically divergent with real living and working conditions. Employees have to work for a minimum wage, and sometimes they don't even pay them, their identity documents are taken away and retained by the employer or a third party, forcing them to pay an unregulated amount to a company or to an acquaintance who mediates to find the job for being provided with employment. There are also no exceptions when workers have to wait because they don't let them start work right away, until they are forced to spend all their available money and get in debt.