The local commission in Plovdiv trains volunteers of the Bulgarian Red Cross

Today, 29.03.2021 was held an online training of volunteers from the Bulgarian Red Cross in Plovdiv on the topic "Better informed than exploited". The event is part of the national campaign for the prevention of trafficking in human beings for labour exploitation, and at the local level is implemented by the Local Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings, Plovdiv in partnership with Bulgarian Red Cross, Plovdiv, Bulgaria Plovdiv.

The aim of the initiative is to present the problem of trafficking in human beings with a focus on labour exploitation, methods of involvement, the difference between a false and genuine job advertisement, what to watch out for when signing an employment contract, not least how to protect ourselves from falling into such a situation.

The risk group targeted by the preventive action are vulnerable people who have sought help through the mobile social teams program of the Regional Council of the Bulgarian Red Cross in Plovdiv. The beneficiaries of the social service are mostly lonely hard-to-move elderly people, as well as people in crisis who live on the territory of Plovdiv.

In this regard, the volunteers who have received training will, in a telephone conversation, inform unemployed persons in difficulty of the risks posed by looking for work at home and abroad, as well as provide them with valuable advice on how not to fall into the traps of traffickers.

The activity will be carried out as part of the call center of the program "Mobile Social Teams", which is implemented by Bulgarian Red Cross, Sofia, Bulgaria. Plovdiv, Traffic Company and Plovdiv Municipality.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions imposed in the country, a large number of people of working age remain permanently unemployed. It is precisely because of this that awareness at an early stage is of utmost importance.