The Council of Ministers adopted a National Programme for preventing and combating trafficking in human beings and protecting victims for 2021

The Council of Ministers adopted by decision No236 of 19 March 2021, the “National Programme for Preventing and Combating Trafficking in Human Beings and Protection of Victims” for 2021.

The National Programme implements in practice what is set out in the National Strategy for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings 2017-2021. In addition, the activities involved take into account trends regarding the crime, as well as the needs of the injured parties and their protection.

With regard to trafficking prevention activities, the National Programme for 2021 provides for three national campaigns and a number of initiatives at national and local level. The campaigns will focus on preventing trafficking in human beings for labour exploitation, sexual exploitation and a campaign focusing on new trends in trafficking in human beings. In the past year, together with the 10 local commissions in the country, a campaign has been launched to prevent trafficking of pregnant women with the aim of selling their newborn children. This campaign will continue to take place in the coming year 2021, the Home States said.

The 2021 National Programme focuses on increasing the capacity of professionals, including magistrates, prosecutors, investigators, diplomats, social workers, etc. In addition to the specifics in the identification, targeting and support of victims of trafficking in human beings, the trainings will also include important topics related to preventing the culture of impunity of traffickers, especially the possibilities for parallel financial investigations and confiscation of property.

The Programme, as in previous years, focuses on activities related to the protection and support of victims of trafficking in human beings as a priority area in countering this crime. It is of particular importance to build on the coordination of all institutions and organisations in relation to the implementation of commitments under the National Referral Mechanism for Support of Trafficked Persons.

International cooperation, data collection and analysis have traditionally been part of the planned activities, especially in view of the role of the National Commission of national rapporteur on trafficking in human beings, with one major focus this year on the preparation of an evaluation and analysis of the overall implementation of the National Strategy against Trafficking in Human Beings 2017-2021.  outlining our country's priorities and objectives for an effective and long-term response to the crime and its consequences.