Veliko Tarnovo: Current trends in the crime of human trafficking. Opportunities for control and prevention among students and adolescents

On the 2nd of November 2020, at Hotel "Allegro" Veliko Tarnovo held a one-day training on "Current trends in the crime of human trafficking. Opportunities for control and prevention among schoolchildren and adolescents" for specialists working with children and youth - pedagogical advisors, social workers and public educators from Veliko Tarnovo. The project was organized by Veliko Tarnovo.

The initiative was implemented by the LCCTHB Veliko Tarnovo and the NCCTHB, in partnership with LCCPPMN. The activity was implemented in the framework of the Programme of the LCCTHB Veliko Tarnovo for 2020, Sector III, "Training and qualification of personnel" and the implementation of the National Programme for the prevention and combating of trafficking in human beings and the protection of victims.

The main objective of the event was to improve the skills and raise the awareness and professional competence of the experts working daily with children and young people regarding the crime of human trafficking - prevention, identification, referral, protection, and support.

The highlights of the training were: 1- National referral mechanism - identification of children /persons - victims of human trafficking; 2- Current trends in crime: the Internet space as one of the main mechanisms for involvement in human trafficking; 3- Conducting targeted preventative activities among youth and adolescents regarding the risks of being involved in human trafficking, the mechanisms for involvement and ways to prevent - communication campaigns - goals, channels, tools.

The training was attended by 24 people - representatives of social services in Veliko Tarnovo Municipality, pedagogical advisors, public educators, and lecturers at Sofia University St., St. Cyril, and Methodius.

The lecturer of the training was Mihail Stefanov - an expert and consultant in communications, trainer in presentations, speaking, and creativity, and worked for the A21 Campaign Foundations and the National Network for Children.