The Local commissions for combating trafficking in human beings in Blagoevgrad and Burgas organize webinar for journalists

On 6 July 2020 /Monday/ at 13:30, the Local Commissions for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings in the cities of Blagoevgrad and Burgas will hold a regional webinar "Combating Trafficking in Human Beings through Media and Public Communications. Investigations and good practices". The online event is supported by the National Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings with the participation of its Secretary - Ms. Dobriana Petkova. Participants in the webinar will be journalists, representatives of local and regional media from Burgas and Blagoevgrad.

Guest speaker at the event will be Mr. Rosen Tsvetkov - investigative journalist, author of the film "Hell Street", created after an undercover investigation on trafficking of women in Spain, the Netherlands and Bulgaria.

The training will focus on counteracting and preventing trafficking in human beings, as well as on the ethical norms of journalistic practice in reporting cases related to the crime. In this regard, each participant will receive specially developed guidelines "Media and Human Trafficking", created in the framework of the project "Combating Human Trafficking and Organized Crime - Phase 2". The project is funded by the European Commission and implemented by the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD), in collaboration with Expertise France and FIIAPP and supported by the European Union.

Human trafficking is a complex social problem that requires in-depth awareness and sensitization to the trauma of victims, which would contribute to the effectiveness of media coverage.