Campaign for the prevention of trafficking in human beings for labour exploitation "Where are you going".

The Local Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings and the Prevention Directorate - Varna Municipality, together with the National Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings, launch the annual campaign for the prevention of trafficking in human beings for labour exploitation "To Where You Travel", as part of the National Campaign for the Prevention of Trafficking in Human Beings for Labour Exploitation.

The national campaign is held under the slogan "Trafficking in Human Beings Exists".

The local campaign will run from 11 May to 30 June 2020. An important focus this year is the real increase in the risk of being involved in trafficking for labour exploitation as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and rising unemployment, creating conditions for accepting dubious job offers at home and abroad.

Often companies or specific individuals, especially in smaller settlements, are looking for workers and promise them amazing conditions for seasonal or temporary work. Often they manage to convince them that there are no risks and everything is "settled". But is it?

The campaign aims to raise awareness among the public and at-risk groups about the mechanisms used in entrapment, as well as to draw attention to specific signs to identify victims of trafficking for labour exploitation.

Every year our partners in the campaign include the Labour Office - Varna, Border Police, Varna Airport and 12 Varna schools with established school prevention clubs (SPC).

In order to achieve the goals of the campaign, this year the town halls of the Municipality of Varna (Odessos, Primorsky, Mladost, Vladislavovo and Asparuhovo districts; Kamenar, Topoli, Zvezditsa, Konstantinovo and Kazashko town halls) were involved as partners.

The partners will be provided with posters and information materials to inform citizens about the risks of trafficking in human beings for labour exploitation, to familiarize themselves thoroughly with each step before making a final decision to travel abroad, to receive information about the dangers and mechanisms of labour exploitation, tips for dealing with the risk and where they can get help.

During the campaign, regular online discussions on the topic will be held with volunteers from the SPC.