Trafficking in human beings exists - ask yourself those questions!

Annual campaign for the prevention of trafficking in human beings for labour exploitation was launched.

The National Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings launched the annual National Campaign for the Prevention of Trafficking in Human Beings for Labour Exploitation. The campaign is being conducted under the banner " Trafficking in human beings exists" and aims to raise awareness and sensitise the public and at-risk groups on the mechanisms of involvement in the crime, as well as to focus attention on specific signs to identify victims of trafficking for labour exploitation. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, rising unemployment creates the conditions for accepting dubious job offers, effectively increasing the risk of being drawn into trafficking for labour exploitation.

Ask yourself those questions:

-          Are your IDs confiscated?

-          Are you hired without knowing where you are going?

-          Do they pay you less or do you pay back debt?

-          Do you work without a contract?

-          Are you told how to behave?

-          Are you afraid? Are you being bullied?

-          Are you lacking enough food, decent work clothes, health care, rest or sleep?

If you answer " Yes" to one or more of these questions, you are at risk! Because trafficking in human beings exists!

The National Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings urges you to be extremely careful when you go to work outside Bulgaria. Inform yourself thoroughly about every step before you make a final decision to go abroad.

Often companies or specific individuals, especially in smaller settlements, are looking for workers and promise them amazing conditions for seasonal or temporary work. Often they manage to convince them that there are no risks and everything is "settled".

But is that so?

In human trafficking, employers' pre-agreed promises diverge drastically from actual living and working conditions. You are forced to work for minimum wage, sometimes even without, your identity papers are taken away by an employer or a third party, you are forced to pay unregulated sums for providing employment. It also happens that you have to wait because they don't give you a job to start immediately. And so on until you've spent all your personal money and get into debt.

If you are abroad and in trouble, immediately contact the Bulgarian embassy in the country where you are. Seek help from the Police - even on you have no documents. You are probably the victim of a serious crime and they will help you.

The campaign is implemented with the support of Bulgaria ON AIR and in partnership with the ten local commissions for combating trafficking in human beings, the Employment Agency, the Executive Agency "General Labour Inspectorate", the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and others.

Learn more about trafficking in human beings issues on the National Commission websites: www.antitraffic.government.bg and www.antitraffic.bg


Single European Emergency Number 112 (completely free, no roaming, no dialling code)

National Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings - tel. + 359 2 807 80 50 (working hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 17:30)e-mail: office@antitraffic.government.bg

Local commissions to combat trafficking in human beings in cities of:

Blagoevgrad, tel.: + 359 73 86 77 77, e-mail: blagoevgrad@antitraffic.government.bg;

Burgas,tel.: + 359 885 532 692, e-mail: burgas@antitraffic.government.bg;

Varna, tel.: + 359 52 820 677, e-mail: varna@antitraffic.government.bg;

Veliko Tarnovo, tel.: + 359 62 619 222, e-mail: vturnovo@antitraffic.government.bg;

Montana, tel.: + 359 96305 471, e-mail: montana@antitraffic.government.bg;

Pazardzhik, tel.: + 359 34 402 241, e-mail: pazardjik@antitraffic.government.bg;

Pleven,tel.: + 359 889 789 255,e-mail: pleven@antitraffic.government.bg;

Plovdiv, tel.:  +359 32 622 136, e-mail: plovdiv@antitraffic.government.bg;

Ruse, tel.: + 359 82 841 918, e-mail: ruse@antitraffic.government.bg;

Sliven, tel.: + 359 44 611 336, e-mail: sliven@antitraffic.government.bg 

Executive Agency: "General Labour Inspectorate":

-      Phone Hotline - 0700 17 670

-       Helpline for Bulgarian citizens working abroad (00359) 2 8101 747

National helpline against trafficking in human beings, A21 Campaign Foundation – 0800 20 100 

Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria (CITUB) - http://www.knsb-bg.org/; Labour Law Reception: 02/ 40 10 427