Students from Veliko Tarnovo created concepts for prevention campaigns

On February 26th, 2019, one-day training with students from the Secondary School of Sports - V. Turnovo on the topics "Trafficking in human beings" and "Cyberbullying among students and adolescents" was held at the Youth Center - V. Tarnovo. The training was organized by the Local Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings and the lecturer was Vanya Ananiyeva, secretary of the LCCTHB.

The main focus was put on the risks of trafficking in human beings, ways for protection, and the dangers of the global network Internet. The participants were introduced to the stages of planning and organizing a student prevention and information campaign. At the end of the training, they had to present their own campaign.

Divided into two groups, they presented the following campaigns:

1)    Student Campaign to Combat Trafficking in Human Beings;

2)    A student Campaign to Combat Cyberbullying.

The ideas they presented were extremely fresh, creative and innovative.

The purpose of the training was to raise young people's awareness of the two highly relevant but little-known topics - human trafficking and cyberbullying, as well as to engage and encourage students to participate in similar campaigns and work for similar causes.