The National Commission shall:

• Organise and coordinate the cooperation between the relevant agencies and organisations for implementation of the Combating Trafficking in Human Beings Act;

• Determine and administer the implementation of the national policy and strategy in the area of combating trafficking in human beings;

• Develop on an annual basis a national programme for prevention and countering of trafficking in human beings and protection of victims of trafficking, which shall be presented to the Council of Ministers for approval;

• Promote the research, analysis and statistical reporting of human trafficking data;

• Contribute to the international co-operation for prevention and countering of trafficking in human beings;

• Carry out information, awareness and educational campaigns aimed at potential victims of trafficking;

• Develop training programmes for officials working in the area of prevention and counteraction of trafficking in human beings;

• Manage and supervise the activities of the local commissions for combating trafficking in human beings and the centres for protection and support of victims of trafficking;

• Register individuals and non-profit legal entities which provide shelter to victims of trafficking.

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